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Standardize The Installation

Air-conditioning capacitor is a part of air-conditioning power system, and it is also a main device for air-conditioning to perform cooling and heating regulation. Its existence also enables the implementation of air-conditioning intelligent control. As a repairer and user, a reliable air conditioning capacitor device is a prerequisite for better use of air conditioning. The after-sales guarantee of air-conditioning capacitors is also a problem that users are more concerned about.
So, how should we install and use air-conditioning capacitors in a standardized way? First of all, power off and short-circuit prevention measures must be taken during installation. The installation of air-conditioning capacitors in the air-conditioning power system must first be power-off, so as to ensure that the air-conditioning equipment is not damaged, and also to protect the basic safety of the installers. It is worth mentioning that reliable insulating materials are used in the installation of professional air-conditioning capacitors to prevent short-circuits from adversely affecting the equipment. Secondly, we must be familiar with professional and standardized maintenance methods...

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