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Introduction to the manufacturing process and technology of multilayer ceramic capacitors

Multilayer ceramic capacitors are a type of ceramic capacitors. Its characteristics are small size, large capacity, affordable price, good stability, low loss rate when used at high frequencies, and suitable for mass production. In recent years, the consumer electronics, communication equipment and automotive industries have boomed, especially the growth in demand and sales of mobile phones and electric vehicles, driving strong demand.

At present, industries such as consumer electronics and automotive electronics will continue to develop rapidly. As the "rice of the electronics industry", multilayer ceramic capacitors have a very promising future. The basic structure of a simple parallel plate capacitor is composed of an intermediate dielectric layer and an outer conductive metal electrode. Its structure mainly includes three parts: a ceramic dielectric, a metal inner electrode, and a metal outer electrode.

Structurally, a multilayer ceramic capacitor is a multi-layer stacked structure that can be viewed as a parallel connection of multiple single-plate capacitors. Multilayer ceramic capacitor manufacturing process: using electronic ceramic material as the medium, the prefabricated ceramic slurry is printed with a ceramic dielectric film of the required thickness, then the inner electrodes are printed on the dielectric film, and the inner electrode ceramic dielectric films are alternately stacked to form multiple capacitors in parallel. It is sintered into an inseparable integral chip with high temperature, and then the outer electrode is coated on the end of the chip to form a good electrical connection with the inner electrode to form the two poles of the multilayer ceramic capacitor.

The production of multilayer ceramic capacitors is inseparable from ceramic powder. The following will briefly introduce the co-firing technology of ceramic powder and metal electrode. In production, we first need to solve the problem of co-firing of ceramic powder and metal electrode, that is, the problem that inner electrode metal and ceramic dielectric with different shrinkage rates do not delaminate and crack at high temperature. It is necessary to continuously research and develop sintering equipment. Second, the supplier of ceramic powder for multilayer ceramic capacitors is required to work closely with manufacturers of ceramic powder for multilayer ceramic capacitors during the powder making process, and to adjust the sinterability curve of ceramic powder to make it more Easy to sinter with metal electrodes.

As an important part of passive components, multilayer ceramic capacitors are widely used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other fields. The preparation of formula powder, dielectric filming and co-firing process of ceramic powder and metal electrode involved in ceramic powder have a great influence on the technological performance of multilayer ceramic capacitors.

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