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What are the safety functions of AC capacitor?

AC capacitors have various safety functions in electrical engineering.

Firstly, it can be used for waveform filtering, which helps to reduce voltage peaks, improve power factor, reduce harmonics, and ensure the safe operation and performance requirements of AC circuits. Secondly, it can also be used to improve the stability of circuits and protect electronic devices. In some special cases, voltage mutations or fluctuations may occur in AC circuits, which can have adverse effects on electronic devices. By paralleling safety capacitors, the voltage in the circuit can be regulated and stabilized, thereby protecting the safe operation of electronic devices.
In addition, AC capacitors have other functions, such as improving equipment efficiency, reducing losses, and reducing electromagnetic interference.

Please note that although AC capacitors have multiple safety functions, their limitations also need to be noted during use. For example, the lifespan of capacitors may be affected by temperature, humidity, voltage, etc., which may affect their safety performance. In addition, different types of capacitors have different usage methods and application ranges, and should be selected based on specific needs and product characteristics when using them.

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