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What is the reason why the fan turns off unexpectedly when the fan capacitor is running?

The problem of unintentional fan shutdown resulting from fan capacitor operation may be associated with a couple of reasons. The following are some not unusual reasons that could cause this problem:
1.Capacitor problem:
Starting capacitor failure: If the fan uses a beginning capacitor and the capacitor fails, it is able to reason the motor to lack sufficient beginning torque throughout startup, stopping the fan from beginning and in the long run shutting down.
Running capacitor fault: If the fan uses strolling capacitors, its fault might also purpose the motor to lack extra torque for the duration of operation, affecting the motor's working performance, and can motive the motor to overheat and close down.
2.Motor difficulty:
Motor overheating: The motor may additionally overheat because of extended operation or different motives, triggering the integrated thermal safety device, inflicting the fan to shut down to prevent damage.
Motor harm: Internal harm to the motor, inclusive of troubles with the stator or rotor winding, can also cause the motor to overheat and shut down.
3.Power supply trouble:
Power deliver instability: Power deliver voltage fluctuations or instability can also motive the fan to shut down. Ensure that the fan is connected to a stable electricity source and check if the electricity deliver voltage is ordinary.
Power interruption: Power interruption or present day interruption might also reason the fan to close down.
4.Overload safety:
Motor overload: The fan motor can be affected by overload safety mechanisms. When the motor load exceeds the rated fee, the motor will robotically close right down to prevent overheating or harm.
5.Environmental problems:
Overheated surroundings: If the fan is mounted in an overheated environment, inclusive of in direct sunlight, the motor might also shut down due to high ambient temperature.

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