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What is the voltage rating of the fan capacitor?

The rated voltage of fan capacitors is generally decided based totally on the design and working voltage of the fan motor. Rated voltage refers to the most voltage at which a capacitor can perform safely. It may be very critical to pick the precise rated voltage to make certain the ordinary operation of the capacitor in the circuit, whilst also avoiding damage to the capacitor because of overvoltage.

The common rated voltage of fan capacitors is commonly within the range of 100V to 450V, depending at the operating voltage of the motor. Here are some possible rated voltages:
1.Low voltage packages (which includes family electric fanatics): The rated voltage of the fan capacitor can be among 100V and 250V.
Medium voltage applications (inclusive of some commercial and commercial applications): The rated voltage may be within the range of 250V to 400V.
2.High voltage packages (which include some commercial and special applications): Some huge business fan capacitors can also have better rated voltages, as much as 400V or higher.

When buying or changing fan capacitors, make sure to test the specification sheet of the motor or equipment to achieve accurate rated voltage necessities. Choosing a capacitor with a rated voltage barely higher than the working voltage is a great preference to provide additional protection margin. Using capacitors that are decrease than the operating voltage of the motor may purpose overheating, harm, or maybe threat to the capacitors.

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