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What type of capacitor is Fan Capacitor?

Fan capacitors are generally capacitors used for the duration of motor operation to offer additional beginning torque, in particular in unmarried-section induction motors. These capacitors are usually divided into  important sorts: Start capacitors and Run capacitors.

Start capacitor:
Function: The starting capacitor is used to provide more beginning torque while the motor begins. It is connected to the circuit throughout the motor begin-up section, growing a segment shift to help conquer the preliminary inertia resistance of the motor.
Characteristic: Starting capacitors usually have a massive capacitance price to offer enough extra present day at some point of startup.

Run Capacitor:
Function: The working capacitor is used to provide auxiliary torque and enhance motor performance at some point of motor operation. It stays within the circuit and constantly presents phase shift, which facilitates hold the operation of the motor.
Characteristic: Operating capacitors normally have enormously small capacitance values, but they need to continue to feature throughout the entire working cycle.

These  varieties of capacitors have some differences in layout due to their one of a kind packages and operating degrees. Starting capacitors are normally used to interrupt via static states, whilst operating capacitors are designed to hold running states.
These capacitors are typically electrolytic capacitors, especially aluminum electrolytic capacitors, because they have got suitable electric performance and length to satisfy the requirements of the motor. It is important to ensure that the chosen capacitor meets the rated voltage, capacitance value, and different specification requirements of the motor when selecting a alternative capacitor.

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