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What will cause overcurrent in compensation capacitors?

If a compensation capacitor operates under overcurrent conditions for a long time, it will not only cause a series of operational failures such as bulging and oil leakage, but also greatly shorten the service life of the capacitor. ...... Therefore, overcurrent operation of capacitors must be avoided in daily use! What factors are related to the current of the compensation capacitor? What conditions will cause capacitors to over-current? Come and see today's science! What are the factors related to the current of compensation capacitors? The current of the compensation capacitor is directly affected by the working voltage and working frequency, and is also closely related to the ambient temperature.

Generally speaking, when the working current of the capacitor exceeds the rated current, the first thing to check is whether the working voltage is normal; if it is found that the working voltage is in normal condition, it is likely that the system harmonics make the compensation capacitor hot, which then affects the capacitor current. What conditions will cause the capacitor overcurrent?

1、Capacitor overcurrent caused by closing inrush In the actual use process, not all power loads need to run for a long time, so the compensation capacitor set will also be frequently put into operation or frequently withdrawn. And but the frequent throwing of the capacitor bank will cause a large closing inrush, so it is recommended that we try to reduce the number of throwing of the capacitor bank to avoid the bad effects of overcurrent on the capacitor and ensure its normal operation.

2, the grid current is too high grid itself is a complex operating environment, it is easy to be affected by a variety of factors, its own current fluctuations are also normal. And when the power grid fluctuates, it is easy to trigger the over-current operation of the compensation capacitor.

3、Complex switch operation abnormality Generally, the compensation capacitor group with suitable compound switch such as thyristor switch can fundamentally avoid the generation of impact overcurrent. However, when the load switch is abnormal or the harmonic condition is not dealt with due to the limited space, harmonic overcurrent may appear and then cause capacitor overcurrent operation.

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