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Why Y capacitor manufacturers do not produce Y capacitors with large capacity

I have told you about the component of the SMD Y capacitor before. From the material to its future development direction, I have introduced it, but I still have to ask, why do Y capacitor manufacturers not produce high-capacity capacitors? Today I will take you to review it again, how to find a high-capacity Y capacitor manufacturer? Y capacitors refer to the capacitors between the two lines of the power line and the ground respectively. The medium is ceramic capacitors, which is also a type of ceramic capacitors, but they are still quite different.

We mentioned earlier that the function of the Y capacitor is that it will not cause electric shock after failure, and will not cause harm to the human body. Then some people will think, since the Y capacitor is so good, why don't some Y capacitor manufacturers make the Y capacitor capacity larger and make it more widely used? Normally, the capacity of the Y capacitor cannot exceed 0.1uF. The large capacity of Y1 capacitors produced by most Y capacitor manufacturers is 4700pF, and Y2 is 10000pF.

Mainly because of two reasons: 1. Since Y capacitors are different from ordinary high-voltage ceramic capacitors, the current production process is limited to a certain extent. Therefore, Y capacitors have to withstand higher pulse voltages, and there is no danger after the capacitors fail. , so the ceramic medium can not be too thin, which results in the capacitance value can not be too large. 2. Y capacitors are generally used to suppress electromagnetic interference, so they are usually connected between the power line and the ground line. my country's power supply is 50Hz alternating current, which has the ability to block direct current and circulate alternating current. Therefore, after the power is turned on, the current on the Y capacitor passes, and the larger the capacitance value, the larger the current that flows, which is called leakage current.

At present, the equipment has leakage current requirements, and the ground leakage current should not exceed 0.7mA when working in the middle; when working on a temperate zone machine, the ground leakage current should not exceed 0.35mA, otherwise there will be hidden dangers, which is the reason why the Y capacitor capacity should not be too large. However, the capacity of the Y capacitor cannot be too large, which is only the limitation of the current production process. It is believed that the future technology will definitely produce a large-capacity Y capacitor. As far as the current technology is concerned, security is still the first priority. Of course, in order to expand the capacity under guaranteed conditions, it is also necessary to find a regular Y capacitor manufacturer to produce it.

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