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Cixi Riyi Capacitor Factory is direct Cbb65 Insert Type Explosionproof Capacitor Suppliers. Our Capacitors varieties are diversified and applicable to a wide range of fields, such as washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, range hoods, water pumps, fans, motors, etc. We can wholesale Cbb65 Insert Type Explosionproof Capacitor. Many capacitors can be installed universally. We also can make customized products. We develop and produce products based on drawings or samples provided by customers. These Capacitors have been exported to dozens of countries such as the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, and Egypt. All kinds of products have obtained certificates such as CQC, TUV, VDE, IMQ, UL, CE, etc.
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Industry Knowledge Development

The term "AC CBB65 insert type explosion-proof capacitor" refers to a specific type of capacitor used in AC (alternating current) circuits. Let's break down the key components of the term:
1.AC: Stands for alternating current, which is the type of electrical current commonly used in residential and commercial applications.
2.CBB65: CBB65 is a specific type of capacitor that follows the CBB (polypropylene film capacitor) standard. CBB65 capacitors are typically used in air conditioning and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems.
3.Insert type: Refers to the way the capacitor is installed or connected in a circuit. "Insert type" usually means that the capacitor has wire leads or terminals for easy insertion into the circuit.
4.Explosion-proof: This indicates that the capacitor is designed to prevent explosion or damage in potentially hazardous conditions. Explosion-proof capacitors are built to withstand high temperatures, pressure, and potential chemical reactions to ensure safety.

It's important to note that while explosion-proof capacitors are designed to reduce the risk of explosion, they are not entirely immune to failure or damage. It is crucial to follow proper installation procedures, adhere to safety guidelines, and choose capacitors from reputable manufacturers to ensure reliability and safety in electrical systems.

AC CBB65 Insert Type Explosionproof Capacitors are designed to provide reliable power factor correction and voltage stabilization in AC electrical systems. The "explosionproof" feature refers to their ability to withstand internal failures without causing external hazards.

Here's a general overview of how an AC CBB65 Insert Type Explosionproof Capacitor works:
1.Construction: The capacitor consists of a cylindrical metallic can or case, typically made of aluminum, which serves as both the electrical terminal and the enclosure. Inside the case, there are multiple metallic film electrodes separated by an insulating material such as polypropylene. The construction ensures high capacitance and withstands high-voltage applications.
2.Insert Type Design: The "insert type" refers to the structure of the capacitor. In this design, the electrodes and dielectric layers are wound together, forming a cylindrical shape. This configuration allows for compactness and efficient heat dissipation.
3.Capacitance and Voltage Ratings: AC CBB65 capacitors are rated for specific capacitance values, typically measured in microfarads (μF), and voltage ratings, often ranging from 250V to 450V or higher. The capacitance value and voltage rating depend on the specific application requirements.
4.Power Factor Correction: AC CBB65 capacitors are primarily used for power factor correction. In AC systems, the power factor represents the efficiency of power transfer from the source to the load. Capacitors improve the power factor by compensating for the reactive power, reducing energy losses and improving system efficiency.
5.Explosionproof Design: The explosionproof feature ensures that internal failures, such as a short circuit or excessive heat, do not lead to hazardous conditions outside the capacitor. The metallic case acts as a robust enclosure, containing any potential failure events within it.
6.Safety Measures: To enhance safety, explosionproof capacitors often include additional features such as self-healing properties. If a localized breakdown occurs in the dielectric material due to voltage stress, the capacitor will automatically repair the damage, preventing further deterioration.
7.Installation: AC CBB65 Insert Type Explosionproof Capacitors are typically installed in electrical systems by connecting them in parallel with the load. Proper installation and connection are crucial to ensure reliable operation and performance.

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