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The product has the characteristics of low loss, high insulation resistance, good self-healing, stable performance, impact current resistance, and strong overload capability. And there is an explosion-proof device inside, which has reliable safety performance and is suitable for air conditioner compressors, fully automatic washing machines, clothes dryers, etc. It is helpful to start and run the motor.
Cixi Riyi Capacitor Factory is direct Explosion-proof Capacitor Manufacturers and Cbb65 Capacitor factpry, suppliers. Our Capacitors varieties are diversified and applicable to a wide range of fields, such as washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, range hoods, water pumps, fans, motors, etc. We can wholesale Cbb65 Capacitor which is Explosion-proof. Many capacitors can be installed universally. We also can make customized products. We develop and produce products based on drawings or samples provided by customers. These Capacitors have been exported to dozens of countries such as the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, and Egypt. All kinds of products have obtained certificates such as CQC, TUV, VDE, IMQ, UL, CE, etc.

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